Startups must adapt fast to the current changes to be able to be competitive in the technological change. We help young founders and startups with the concept, design, development and launch of their mobile app on the markets.

Thus, we define with you the MVP and develop the first prototypes within a few days. We do not differentiate between a new development, an OS update, porting on another platform or just new features.

App Facelifting

Design matters! We redesign your current app.

How does it help?

  1. You motivate the users with an outstanding design to use the app
  2. We recognize present problems in design and increase throughout the Return on Investment
  3. Jumping/bouncing will be reduced and the activity of the users increased

App Refresh

Your app loses constantly users and consequently its charm?
We offer you an individual solution to supply your app with new features, fantastic design and solid software architecture to give it new life.

How does it help?

  1. Old apps are rebuilt to increase the chances on the market
  2. We recognize and remove problems in design and software
  3. Apps are going to be upgraded to the newest version of the operating system

Web Switch

Do you have a website or a web app? Do you want to have them as a virgin app? We analyze your current systems and show which virgin features can be used in the best possible way.

How does it help?

  1. Virgin user interfaces are highly performant and faster than the responsive websites
  2. Virgin apps offer more features for hardware and can be used offline
  3. You lure the attention of your users on your app and new contents with push messages

Translating the app

If you want to expand your current app on other platforms, we are the right partner. We port/move your apps from iOS to Android or the other way round.

How does it help?

  1. On the present market it is difficult to get by with only one platform. A solution of a multi-platform with an attractive design and a solid software is obligatory today.

We develop successful apps