At a glance

The most important facts about the app:

  • Fitness app for every age
  • Trainings for different sport levels
  • Various training types Pump, Move and Cross
  • Configuration of the training days
  • Installed and own training plans
  • Incentives like Fitpoints or trophies
  • InApp-Purchase possibility
Pumpmove Performance Google Play Store
Pumpmove Performance Apple Store

The App

The PUMPMOVE Performance App is a fitness app developed for personal training. The app helps users to choose the right exercises and provides instructions in the form of videos. Users can create their own profile with individual trainings and check their progress.


There are various ways for users of the PUMPMOVE Performance App to register. In addition to the classic e-mail login, a registration via Facebook or Google is also offered.


In the beginning, users are asked about characteristics such as weight and fitness level. It is also possible to specify their goals. In the settings of the app, a wide variety of details can be entered in order to design the personal training. Users can make a selection regarding the training plan – possible options are for example strength building, muscle building or fat burning. You can also add your own training plans.

You can also define the course type on which the exercises are to be based. A general distinction is made between workouts with weights or with your own body weight. In connection with the course type, you can also select various training types:

  • Pump
    With weights or the user’s own bodyweight by number, e.g. 20 repetitions must be made.
  • Move
    Speed and endurance such as jogging by time or distance (with integrated maps function).
  • Cross
    With weights or the user’s own bodyweight to time.

The last configuration that can be defined are the training days on which the users want to perform the previously defined workout. However, it can also be done on other days by starting an additional workout.



Based on algorithms, exercises are selected after the setup that fit the previously specified information – an individual workout is suggested to the users. If users click on this workout, they must manually specify how many repetitions are to be made and, if applicable, how much weight is used. In order to guarantee an optimal sports program even without a fitness trainer, there is a coordinated video for each exercise, in which the correct execution is demonstrated. An indicator shows how long users are doing the exercise. After each completed session, the users move on to the next session until the workout is complete. Afterwards, the users of the app receive so-called fitpoints based on the type and duration of training. This success can be shared on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


User Profile

In their profile, the users get an overview of the fitness points and trophies awarded, which can also be collected by completing the training courses. In the settings, personal data such as age or weight, training and sports days can be adjusted at any time. In addition to the basic functions, the PUMPMOVE Performance App also offers a subscription for three or twelve months via InApp purchase. This Premium Membership includes many more workouts to achieve an even better training result. Optionally, users can set whether they want to be reminded of the workouts via push notifications.


The interactive algorithms of the exercises are the core of the development. These were developed as a crossplatform-capable library and transferred to iOS using J2ObjC. The code for the training programs was developed and tested once and can be used on iOS and Android. Another advantage of this is that the library is identical for both operating systems at all times, saving us time and budget.

User data such as training progress or own workout plans are stored in Google Firebase. Here, data models were developed that can be applied to both iOS and Android. This makes it possible to use the app independently of the operating system.

If a user logs in with his login, all data is transferred to the smartphone and stored for offline use. Several prototypes were created to optimize the training algorithms, enabling the customer to test and optimize the algorithms in advance.

Click models were created so that the usage process in the app can be traced even before the actual design development.



One challenge here was to present the information structure as clearly as possible. The chosen colour scheme and final design were chosen to create and represent a meaningful brand.

Very Dark Grey

Very Dark Grey


Very Light Grey


The PUMPMOVE Performance App is available free of charge on the Google Play Store and the App Store for iOS.

Pumpmove App Wireframe
Pumpmove App Wireframe

Industry Sector

PUMPMOVE UG has commissioned us to develop the PUMPMOVE Performance App. Due to the fitness and health trend, the main focus was on offering future users an optimal sports experience. The app should support your personal workout to make your lifestyle more sporty. The Deloitte study “Der deutsche Fitnessmarkt” shows how big the change towards a healthier society is, according to which there are as many as 10.1 million fitness members in Germany. But digital offerings are also showing further growth. At the end of 2016, there were 563,000 registered members in online gyms, 194,000 of whom were already using paid offers.

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