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Viasto Interview Suite Apple AppStore

App background

Applications, and the interviews that follow them, take lots of time if good preparation and follow-up on the part of both the prospective employer and the prospective employee are to be ensured. During some time-consuming application processes, such as copy tests in the creative industries, many applicants drop out of the process because it is complex and takes much time. Another factor is quite often the long waiting period before the potential employer gets back to the applicant with news of his decision. This results in almost 60% of applicants dropping out of the application process. Moreover, a positive experience in the application process can affect employee motivation. About 15% of candidates who are satisfied with the process are also happier and more motivated in their future jobs. Because of the current digitalization and the associated demand for mobile solutions, the idea of mobilizing the “interview suite” video-based recruiting method emerged (it had previously been available for notebooks or computers only). The “interview suite” was to be made available for iOS smartphones and thus usable anywhere.

The App

The app provides the capability of conducting interviews at any time, from any place, and with any iOS device. This requires a great deal less time and effort than conventional interview methods. For instance, 75% less time needs be invested in the interview, since the iOS app’s video interviews allow more candidates to be met with in less time. The “interview suite” supports the company in its recruitment decisions by filtering out the most popular and thus the best candidates on the basis of prescribed, tested criteria and questions.
Candidates can then be invited to in-person interviews on the basis of these criteria. This pre-selection that the app offers ultimately means that there are 47% fewer in-person interviews. The advanced video technology gives the prospective employer an authentic impression of the candidate in question. This provides the advantage of allowing individuals to be better evaluated on the basis of their personal greeting, body language, and reaction to questions even without their physical presence.


Moreover, the use of this modern recruiting method helps companies enhance their brand and their reputation as innovative employers.

An additional advantage of the application is cooperation among the various departments, the recruiters, and the future colleagues with respect to decisions for or against a given applicant.

In addition to the many functions that the “interview suite” provides, the important data protection function is also taken very seriously. The data of all users is protected, ensuring compliance with protection guidelines on the global market. Viasto GmbH is evaluated regularly and is subject to the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

Relevant Facts

  • more than 60,000 interviews in 120 countries and 3,500 positions filled with “interview suite”
  • more than 4,000 satisfied users and 75% less time invested than is the case with telephone interviews
  • 47% fewer unsuitable personal interviews because of better pre-selection
  • simple integration of “interview suite” into any HR process and any system
  • interviews any time, anywhere, from any device
  • evaluation of candidates within a few minutes
  • evaluation results show a comparison of the best candidates
  • evaluation of team and cultural fit
  • application explanation and support provided by a multilingual Knowledge Center with video tutorials


The app was designed with Sketch which is an application that allows the simple creation of app designs, vector based icons or websites.During the design, emphasis was placed on viasto’s corporate identity being present in the “interview suite” app, too. To this end, the look and feel of viasto’s existing website was taken as a basis for designing the app.

Sketch file

Development and manufacture

Bitfactory used Swift 3 to develop the app and integrated a new navigation system for the “interview suite”, hence the app user essentially must go through a pre-determined process with various steps. The user sees exactly what to expect in the next step (wizard). The corresponding navigation system is located in the upper part of the screen, where it is visible at all times.

Recording quality and stability are essential for the evaluation of interview videos. That is why great emphasis was placed on these points during development. Videos often involve large amounts of data, which is why certain requirements must be met before the app is used. Among them are a good internet connection, adequate storage space on the smartphone or tablet, and a high-quality microphone recording. It is also important that filming be done in certain surroundings. Before the interview begins, the user is asked whether these conditions are present.

Since a process is undergone when “interview suite” is used, that process must be adequately tested.


This is done with UI tests, which go through the interview autonomously and record videos. These videos are uploaded to the server with Jenkins. The user often has problems or questions when he uses the app. Zendesk is used for multi-channel support in such cases. As with all our projects, we have integrated HockeyApp so that we can deliver beta versions to our clients. This allows crash reports to be sent when errors occur in the app, helping us discover where the bugs are.


The previous “interview suite” could not record video interviews in a mobile browser. That is why Bitfactory decided for a native app which can access various system components such as camera, microphone, and upload processes. In this context, viasto wanted an attractive design in which processes were mapped according to web version. This is important so that the user can visualize the interview process. Moreover, a given user can answer the questions only once. It is extremely important for the answer to be spontaneous so that the feeling of a real interview is created. A state machine was implemented to determine the user’s current location. This allows action to be taken if the app crashes, for instance. A further challenge for the app was the cameras in various terminal devices, since they often have different resolutions, frame rates, or bitrates. Our goal was therefore to achieve quality that was as high as possible while keeping data volume as low as possible.

Whitelabel app

The “interview suite” is also a whitelabel app. This means that the iOS app can be individualized; each company can independently organize it and fill it with company-specific data. For instance, the company logo can be inserted or the company colors used in the app. The colors are prepared using the backend; the app loads a separate configuration for each interview and uses the corresponding design. Different companies often have different general business conditions, and these conditions can also be inserted into the company-specific design.


The app is offered as a download in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. The users (company and applicant) can download “interview suite” onto their iPhones, iPads and their android gadgets. Since each company is to have individualized access, whitelabel versions have been generated.

Viasto Interview Suite Apple AppStore

Additional Information

The trend to digitalization is causing tremendous upheaval in a wide range of industries in the German economy. One prominent change is that work processes in companies are becoming increasingly digital and mobile, a development that can be traced back to, among other things, new inventions in this area. The focus is increasingly on efficient, time-saving work, both in classical areas and in recruiting. Conventional applications with résumés, a standardized application photo, and a cover letter followed by an interview are still common, but are not among the most up-to-date or attractive application procedures. Instead, applications are becoming more creative, efficient, and mobile. Companies are increasing their presence on social networks so that they can use modern channels to attract the target group of young people. For example, it has become possible to complete applications through Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, or video interviews. Development of current processes continues.

Founded in 2010, viasto GmbH (whose name is derived from video assessment tool) is an expert in the areas of video technology and the development of digital recruiting methods. Its goal is to provide companies a fast, reliable pre-selection of candidates who can then be invited to personal interviews.

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