Pumpmove Performance App

Android iOS Smartphone Tablet
In-App-Billing Video Player Maps Function Google Firebase

The fitness app for individual training!

Daimler Trade In App

iOS Smartphone
Maps Camera API

The Trade In App from Daimler is an easy tool to sell your car. In return you will get fitting offers from car dealers in your region.



South Park und VIVA Charts Whitelabel App

Android Smartphone Tablet
Video Player Whitelabel

This white label app, with flavors for the US TV show South Park and VIVA Charts, gives you the possibility to stream and watch videos.

Craftnote App

Android iOS Smartphone Web App
Maps Chat Function Google Firebase

Craftnote App enables an easy and fast communication between construction site and office.


Lernspiel-App Emily's Bilder & Töne

Emily’s Bilder & Töne

Android iOS Smartphone Web App Education Game Google Firebase

The kids app “Emily’s Bilder & Töne” contains a digital animal album with realistic animal images and sounds. Playful learning promotes cognitive skills and the joy of learning.


iOS Smartphone AR App Augmented Reality Apple ARKit

The RECARO AR App offers an individual and innovative solution to experience the RECARO Gaming Seat in Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality App


Whitelabel Cloud-Software Backend Service Frontend Service

The KLEVERBILL software makes it possible to digitize the dunning process and to give companies an overview of their own receivables management.

Mahnwesen Software


Somfy Library

Android Smartphone Tablet
Whitelabel API In-App Camera

The Somfy Library informs potential buyers, current customers and salesmen about the Somfy assortment.

Customer Survey Tool

Backend Service Web Application

Efficient and simple analysis of customers opinions about your service.

Weinor Customer Survey App

Interview Suite App

Mobile Video Interview App

iOS Android Smartphone Tablet
In-App Camera Whitelabel Background Upload

Fast and easy video interviews with the Viasto Interview Suite.


iOS Android Smartphone
OCR Natural Language Processing Camera

German working references are not easily to understand. We translate complicated phrases into easy wording. To make complicated and coded formulation easily understandable we have created the app arbeitszeugnis.io which won the HR.Hackathon 2016 in Berlin.

Arbeitszeugnis App



iOS Tablet
Backend IoT/Industrie 4.0 Continuous Delivery Variable UI

The digital solution for craftsmen! Fast and easy creation of efficient measurements for your windows and doors directly on the construction site.

Smart Home Configurator

Smart Home Smartphone Tablet Android

The new app for styling your smart home.

Smart Home Konfigurator App



iOS Android Smartphone
Maps Google Firebase

The DOKApp enables a fast access to tv-programs, film tips and festivals for documentary films.

kybun customer support

Android iOS Smartphone Web App Maps Chat Function Google Firebase

The webapp for the support of kybun customers.

Kundensupport App

Somfy Motor Calculator

iOS Android Smartphone
Local Database

With the Motor Calculator App, window and sunblind fitters can easily find the right motors for their work.




Android Smartphone
Maps Camera Offline Storage

The ApothekenApp offers an overview of the best pharmacies in close neighborhood. Services as preorder medicine or managing the own medicine chest are also part of the app.

We develop successful apps.