The first impression counts. User-oriented design for attractive interaction and better brand loyalty. What matters here is the user’s link to you and your app that he can trust you and not only the users’ interactions and their decisions which are influenced by the design.

The design is 94% of the first impression. We support you by creating the perfect look and feel for your app to achieve the highest user experience and guarantee the success of your product.


In our time there are a lot of different methods for designing. Bitfactory makes use of the base of design thinking. This method puts the customer in the middle. In this way problems can be solved well-directed and new ideas can be developed. Besides the user centered design, topics like usability engineering and user experience are of high importance which find their use in the scientific processes. Therefore, we use tools and frameworks like prototypes of paper, scribbles, personas, mock-ups, wireframes and user stories that we evaluate e.g with AttrakDiff in interactive steps.