We analyze your current systems and decide together which further components and technologies are necessary. The integration of mobile solutions in present and new/developing server systems e.g cloud, CRM, ERP and social media networks belong to our core activities/tasks. With it we use the State of the Art Frameworks like Spring, that proved itself with its modularity and the reduced expenditure of work in many of our projects. With us you are safely one jump ahead of the competition.

Your mobile solution needs a user-login, user profile, geo locations, push messages or a feedback form?

No problem for us! By having a long experience and a close cooperation of app and server developers, the effort and expenditure of communication can be reduced. Consequently, we can provide you with an individual and optimized solution.


As we already do in the development of apps we also use agile development methods on our server page that we adapt to your special needs and desires. Already during the developing process you get the access to the testing servers and the features. With your early feedback we recognize the weak points in design and process. This iterative working process minimizes the costs of change during the development and leads finally to a better and perfect product.

If required we develop a dedicated surface of administration for you. Here you can work on your data independently. This area is naturally protected with a password. Therefore, we make use of modern and easy usable frontend frameworks e.g AngularJS and Thymeleaf.


Throughout our projects we have created our own toolbox to offer integral and diverse solutions in most of the areas. These include different database management systems like H2, MySQL, Redis, CouchDB and neo4j. Besides, we also employ tools and frameworks like AngularJS, docker, Gradle, Heroku, IntelliJ IDEA, nginx, Spring and Apache Tomcat.

Backend Technologien